How Does the Ring Work?

The Happy Ring contains:
  • 2 temperature sensors that measure skin and ambient temperature. These are contributing variables to measuring environmental impacts, sleep quality, sleep duration, sleep state, and movement intensity.

  • 4 EDA sensors measure electrical conductance from sweat on skin which contributes to your Stress Score and movement intensity. These sensors are medical-grade and the keystones to Happy’s breakthrough approach. No other consumer wearable has incorporated them at this scale nor utilized them with peer-reviewed efficacy for the measurement of biometric stress markers. This novel approach allows us to cut through the subjective and take an objective, data-driven, highly accurate analysis of one’s mental state.

  • 4-wavelength PPG sensor help us derive daily and nightly heart rate, respiratory rate, and sunlight exposure.

  • The accelerometer contributes to measuring movement and activity.
The 24/7 monitoring of all these sensors translates into actionable data that you can use to cultivate and make educated decisions toward a happier and healthier mental well-being.
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