Scoring Detail Breakdown - Movement



Movement is widely considered one of the key contributing factors to a healthy mind and body. With the Happy Ring, we categorize your movement into three segments: inactive, low, or high.

Inactive - sedentary, no detectable movement (ex. sitting)
Low - lower intensity movement (ex. walking briskly)
High - higher intensity movement (ex. jogging)


For every full minute that registers lower or higher intensity movement, you gain 1 point toward your total goal of 10 points for the day! Patrial movement (ex. 30 seconds) does not count toward your goal. It has to be sustained movement that registers for < 1 minute.


With 10 points being accounted for toward exercise in your daily target of 50 points, Movements thereby registers as 1/5, or 20%, of your total contribution.


Exceeding your goal does not net your more points, but it definitely won't hurt!

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