Scoring Detail Breakdown - Sun Exposure


Sun - it's vital to all life on Earth, which includes you! But, with all things, moderation is key. Here at Happy, with we recognize the incredible power of the Sun to provide benefit your mental health. Thereby, we encourage everyone to target at least 10 minutes of direct sunlight each day.


10 minutes is all it takes to see a tangible benefit. Each full minute you spend in direct sunlight will gain you 1 point, with a target of 10 points (or 10 minutes). Partial minutes (ex. 30 seconds) do not count.


Depending on your surroundings and environment, you may gain direct sunlight points from a nearby window or even while you're driving in the car! It doesn't require heading to the sandy coast or kicking back by the pool!


With all things, moderation is key. 10 minutes of direct sunlight has been scientifically proven to provide overwhelmingly more benefit than harm. However, every coin has two sides: excessive sun exposure has the inverse effect of causing more harm than good. Please be safe, considerate, and always wear appropriate sunblock/sun protection.

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