Missing Data, Gaps in Data, No Ring Connection


Missing data is definitely a bummer! Without it, we aren't able to calculate accurate Stress scores. If you discover gaps in your data, there are a few different reasons this may be occurring.

  • Poor fit. Make sure that the sensors on the Happy Ring are making full contact with the palm-side of your desired finger.

  • Proximity to phone or Airplane Mode. You may experience gaps in your data or a lost connection warning if your Happy Ring was away from your phone or your phone was on Airplane Mode. During initial pairing, the Ring must be within a few feet to establish a connection. During daily use, the Ring is designed to maintain a streaming connection distance of finger-to-pocket or finger-to-backpack. Anything beyond that, and the Ring will likely revert to internal storage and then, once the connection is re-established with your phone, transmit the stored data automatically. Once successfully transmitted, your Health Tab will update with the missing data.
  • Bluetooth enablement. If you have disabled Bluetooth on your phone, data from the Happy Ring will not be able to stream to the Happy App.






If you have any questions on your journey, or just want to chat about how you can get the most out of your new Happy Ring, give us a call, send us an email, or pop onto our live chat! 

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