Missing Data, Gaps in Data, No Ring Connection


If you discover gaps in your data, there are a few different reasons this may be occurring.

  • Poor fit. Ensure that the Happy Ring sensors are making full contact with the palm side of your desired finger.

  • Proximity to phone or Airplane Mode. You may experience gaps in your data or a lost connection warning if your Happy Ring was away from your phone or your phone was on Airplane Mode. The Ring must be within a few feet during the initial pairing to establish a connection. During daily use, the Ring is designed to maintain a streaming connection distance of finger-to-pocket or finger-to-backpack. Anything beyond that, and the Ring will likely revert to internal storage and then transmit the stored data automatically once the connection is re-established with your phone.
  • Bluetooth enablement. If you have disabled Bluetooth on your phone, data from the Happy Ring will not be able to stream to the Happy App.
  • Dead Battery. You can place your Happy Ring on the charging dock, and once the dock visually shows a static glow, reopen the app and verify if the Ring is connected.
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