How to Reserve Your Happy Ring


Reserve a Happy Ring subscription on our website.


We offer 3 different tiers of membership. While each membership is termed for different durations, they all offer the same great monitoring, guidance, and support that you expect from Happy!


You can learn a bit more about the Reservation specifics here:
Preorder / Waitlist FAQ



Receive the sizing kit in the mail.

Once released, you'll receive a sizing kit in the mail to kick things off! This might be the most important step in the entire process! It's imperative that you have a proper-sized ring for the most accurate and reliable experience. Please make certain to reference How Do I Find the Perfect Happy Ring Size? on why and how to use the sizing kit.


Note: You do not need to return the sizing kit You may recycle it or, better yet, pass it on to a friend!



Choose your ring size on our website.


Now that you've worn your test ring for at least 24 hours, we want you to confirm your ideal ring size (it may differ from what you've chosen in the past, don't be alarmed)! Navigate to, select "I Found My Size," enter your associated email address to receive a magic link for sign-in, check your email for the magic link, and then choose the best fit from the drop-down. Once confirmed, our rockstar fulfillment team will get your Happy Ring sent your way ASAP. You'll receive an automated email from UPS with tracking information once it leaves the dock. Note: You do not need to return the sizing kit! You may recycle it or, better yet, pass it on to a friend!



Receive your Happy Ring.


The day has finally arrived! You've long anticipated this moment - savor the unwrapping and unboxing. The first thing you'll want to do is fully unbox your items and make certain nothing is amiss. You should have:

  • Happy Ring
  • Charger
  • USB-C Cable
  • Quick Start Guide Pamphlet

Now, connect your charger, via USB-C, to a powered USB port (computer, wall adapter, etc.) and place your ring on the charger. The charger's base will illuminate after a few seconds and then steadily pulse to indicate that it's charging the ring.


Download and open the Happy application (iOS only at this time).

Navigate to the App Store and download the Happy application. Setup and connection will only take a minute or two. Once connected, your ring may update to the latest firmware. 



Watch the stress melt away and be happy!






If you have any questions on your journey, or just want to chat about how you can get the most out of your new Happy Ring, give us a call, send us an email, or pop onto our live chat! 

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