Specifications of the Happy Ring

Outer Materials: Ceramic

Inner Materials: Non-allergenic resin (ISO 10993.5 and 10993.10) with platinum electrical pads

Available Sizes: 6-12 (whole sizes only)

Charging Time (empty to full): ~1 hour

Battery: 13-16 mAh Lithium Ion battery, non-replaceable

Battery Life: ~3 days

Charging: Wireless w/ Happy Ring charger

Privacy: Data encryption, secure pairing of the ring and the app

Water Resistance: IP67

Durability: Endures drop of 1m/3.3ft or equivalent impact

Operating Temperature: -10C - 54C / 14F - 129F

Charging Temperature: 0C - 54C / 32F - 129F

Charger Input Connector and Voltage: USB Type-C connector. USB nominal 5V

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