Emergency Removal of the Happy Ring



We hope no emergencies ever arise that necessitate you to reference this article, but it's important to document this should it be needed.

The Happy Ring is made of multiple layers of jewelry-grade ceramic. Therefore, it's incredibly strong and impervious to most things, but we do recommend taking it off with certain activities to avoid damage and harm. You can explore that more in this article:
When Should I Remove My Happy Ring?

With that said, if you must remove the ring in an emergency, please first try the following:

  • First use cold water and liquid soap and gently twist the ring to loosen and remove it.
  • Holding your arm/hand above your head and heart (can reduce pressure in the finger), attempt to wiggle/slide/rotate the ring off your finger.
  • This article has quite a few tricks worth referencing/attempting as well:

If you cannot remove the ring still, and it's imperative to get it off, you will need to visit an emergency room or fire department and request assistance. Instruct the medical professionals to cut the ring from the palm side of the finger, from its thinnest point, as it has a lithium-ion battery inside. This will avoid cutting the battery.

Tools that can be used in the ER/fire department:

  • Bolt cutters
  • Ring cutters
  • Diamond-tipped saw (Some ERs have this equipment, but not all do, so it's worth calling to verify before arriving.)
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