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The Happy Ring is the industry's first wearable tracking device for the mind. It's a genuine breakthrough in health tech that measures mental performance in real-time and provides live insights into the factors that are impacting it - stress, recovery, sleep, and mindful routines.

The Happy Health application that compliments the Happy Ring is designed to help everyone make healthier choices.

During your initial hours of use, the Happy Ring takes a focused approach to curate the experience for you. Each person is unique, as is their biometric profile. Before delving into the breadth of what the Happy App provides, it's important to set a baseline. Therefore, the first hours are reserved exclusively for a personalized Calibration period.

Once completed, you're greeted by the full Happy App experience where the pillars of our experience exist, with a core focus on:

  • Visualized biofeedback and brain activity - Within this environment, you'll get the "big picture" of your biometrics. This is your bird's-eye view into current and historical Stress trends, a snapshot of your most recent Recovery (Sleep) Report, along with your current assessment of stress level distributions throughout the day. Referencing this data allows one to immediately recognize any outlier events, situations, or call-to-action areas.

  • Sleep and Daily Stress assessments - Within the Sleep module, you're exposed to an in-depth exploration of how well you recovered the previous night, with the ability to pinpoint specific areas of improvement (or celebrations of attainment). Sleep is one of the cornerstones to prime body and mind wellness and is something we take considerable pride in measuring with the most accurate sensors in any consumer wearable on the market. 

  • Optimized daily mental routines - Perhaps one of the most actionable steps you can take to moderate your stress levels is mindful, focused exercises for the mind and body. We're not saying you need to bust out 20 burpees - we're directing you toward simple, brief, yet intensely focused, and scientifically backed journaling, breathing, and body movements. These targeted exercises are meant to address those in-the-moment elevations of stress and also, by incorporating them into your daily routine, help to keep everything within balance. 


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